Understanding Avalon Video Slot Machines

Avalon video slot machines are among some of the most well-known due in part to their creation by the industry giant known as Microgaming. There are plenty of options and features associated with these games, and players are bound to find that there is much to love when it comes to video slots.

Customizable Options

One of the best things about Avalon video slot machines and Microgaming in general is the availability of customizable gameplay options. Players can adjust the sounds they hear during the game by adjusting separate volume controls, but they can also turn the sound off entirely if they so choose. Expert mode allows players to use the 'Autoplay' function; this allows the player to set the per-spin bet amount and let the game do the work for them. Finally, the 'Quick Spin' option speeds up the spinning action of the reels so that players do not need to wait as long between plays.

Simple Gameplay Action

Before they get started, players will need to select the amount they would like to bet as well as the number of paylines on which they would like to bet. There are plus and minus buttons under the words 'Bet' and 'Lines' so that players can make these adjustments easily. There is also a 'Bet Max' option that allows players to bet the maximum amount possible without clicking these buttons. The 'View Payout' button allows players to see the various combinations and the resulting prizes.

Game Specifics

Like many slot machines, Avalon offers players an interactive experience that is filled with scatters and wild symbols. In these games, the Avalon is always the wildcard and can be used in the place of other symbols in order to create the winning combination across one or more paylines. The maximum a player can win is 3000 coins and this can be accomplished by lining up five symbols in a row. After a win or at the end of a free spins bonus game, players are given a chance to play the Gamble Bonus game. Here, players will be presented with a virtual face-down playing card and will be charged with the task of guessing whether the card is black or red to double their money. In some cases, the player will be asked to guess the card's suit to quadruple their money.

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